How mPower has helped others.

Some service users from the Western Isles have given us feedback about how we have helped.

“mPower has really helped me and my husband make positive changes. I found that discussing options for activities both locally and more widely with Lorna has helped motivate me to pursue some of my interests and get more involved in my community.

My husband found a home visit from Lorna helped greatly as he wanted to purchase a tablet to learn its uses. After trying out an mPower tablet, my husband has now bought his own and loves it. Thank you mPower.”

“Lorna helped me with my tablet (no, not the ones I swallowed but the other kind!). On my tablet, Lorna found some chair exercises for my health condition, which I find helps my strength.

Lorna also suggested a social group in my area which I really enjoy as it gets me out of the house and I get to meet new people. Thanks for all you have done to help me.”

“My experiences with mPower have been very favourable indeed. The home visits I had from Lorna were very helpful and welcomed. She kept me well informed of activities and groups that I could participate in. Without her, I would never have been aware of such activities, even some on my own doorstep I wasn’t aware of. She also accompanied me to some which I found helpful.

She got me in touch with Western Isles Cancer Care Initiative which I benefited from financially. She also introduced me to befriending Lewis and I’m looking forward to seeing what they have to offer. Lorna’s really helpful attitude and warm friendly smile makes her the ideal person for the position she is in. The only downside is I had my last visit from her yesterday.”